Vega’s Mission

It is our mission to provide girls with a summer camp experience where, “The Most Exciting Thing A Girl Will Find At Vega Is Herself”.

In order to achieve that, we strive to make sure that your daughter is:

  • Safe emotionally and physically.
  • Having fun and developing skills.
  • Building strong relationships and friendships with peers and other members of the community.
  • Connecting with the Vega’s history, traditions and values. Everyone at camp is included, welcomed and feels a part of something greater than themselves.
  • Living and playing in the best facilities and most pristine natural environment.
  • Supported and encouraged by peers, counselors, campers and administration.

Vega supports campers’ parents and families through genuine partnership and communication, with a goal of providing their daughters with the best possible camp experience where girls feel they can truly be themselves.  Your daughter’s experience at Camp Vega will give her advantages that will be used throughout her school, professional career and life.

“My most cherished childhood memories are from my 8 summers at Vega.  I learned more skills in those 8 summers than the 64 years so far.” – Sally Spies, Vega Alumna