2012 Video Yearbooks are in the Mail & New Vega E-Newsletter!

Vega’s 2012 Video Yearbook DVDs

Hi Vegans!

We put the 2012 Video Yearbooks in the mail this morning!  We were able to fit the large video onto DVD.  For a while there we thought the 90 minute movie  would have to go on BluRay.  The video looks great on Vimeo and it will look even better on your TV!

Jeremy is now working on the Tamary video!   The yearbook was so long that we could not fit bunk cheers, so we will load those on to Vimeo as well and we will let you know when they are up.

Finally, we are excited about our new e-newsletter that will be sent out monthly, with the first edition going out next week.  This will re-cap all the newsletter posts from the previous month.  If you would like to receive it, please sign-up at the bottom of the Vega website home page.

Wishing all of you who celebrate a Happy Hanukkah!!


Kyle, Emily and Linda