Full Swing

Dear Vega Families,

The summer has begun!  In retrospect, yesterday’s first full day of camp accompanied by cool rainy Knock Out Basketball at Campweather was truly perfect for the first day of camp.  The girls really enjoyed spending time getting to know new camp friends and catching up with each other in the bunks.  Nonetheless, indoor activities were still running, so the girls were able to begin art projects, audition for the musical theater performances, start learning the dance routines, show off their gymnastics skills, learn some new cooking techniques, as well as other indoor activities.

The girls have been enjoying their first day of activities in lovely early summer weather.  The Tamary girls even woke up early to go waterskiing on an Echo Lake that was as smooth as glass.  Everyone was active all morning and looking forward to more activities followed by our evening activity campfire, Sunset Circle.

The Super Junior bunks hosted Sunset Circle, with each cabin selecting a theme on which each camper spoke: Empathy, Happiness, Beauty and Trust.  All the Super Juniors shared what their theme meant to theme, and Kyle spoke about appreciating every moment of the 2015 summer.
After Sunset Circle the camp big sister bid their little sister good night and everyone settled in.  A perfect day at Vega.