Beach Day!

The cloudy morning did little to deter Vega campers from loading their bags filled with sunscreen, water, towels and flip flops onto busses. Highly anticipated by all campers, beach day started out with pancakes, a little drizzle and the arrival of a small fleet of coach busses.

Sub juniors, juniors, and sub super junior’s set their sights on Reid State Park. They loaded up the coach busses and set off down Echo Lake Road. With them went all the necessary fixings for a cookout and the traditional Junior Camp Beach Day Lobster Bake! Picnic tables were filled with chattering children as counselors and buckles lit the grills and steamed the lobsters. Once all the food was deposited safety into campers bellies, it was full steam ahead for an afternoon of sun, sand, and water so cold you can’t help but dive in. Once the last toy was collected, and all the sand showered off, the day finished with dinner at Subway and a cozy ride home with a movie and great company.

Super junior’s through super seniors set off to the quaint coastal town of Ogunquit. There campers broke into groups and settled in for lunch at their favorite restaurants. Green and white flooded the local shops with campers ready and willing to fill their bags with candy, Lazy One Boxers, and family gifts. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the sun, lounging on the beach. While super juniors through seniors remained for a meal in Ogunquit, super seniors made their way to explore the well known Maine coastal town of Kennebunkport.

Back at camp, the day was ruled by one age group and one age group alone. Tamary take over day was in full swing starting with breakfast: donuts on the beach. The rest of the day was filled with rope swings, tubing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming.  The day was concluded with dinner, a movie, and the traditional trip to Walmart.

All in all, another successful trip day in the books for Camp Vega.