A Surprise Holiday Gift for Vega

Happy Holidays to our Vega Families everywhere!

The holiday spirit this time of year reminds us of camp life at Vega each summer. It is also a reminder for all of us to be thankful for so many things.  The gift of giving can be seen during the summer in guises of hugs, bunk notes, and messages at Sunset Circle.  We have also seen many, including our Vega Staff, give their time to help another with a listening ear, a pat on the shoulder, a smile or a hug.

We imagine you are passing on the same acts of kindness and love to those in your circle of friends, family and community, in the spirit of Vega and the Golden Loon!

For all of our Vegans, past and present, we are very pleased to announce an historic “gift” that recently came our way this year.  This past month, Camp Vega was able to add 20 acres and 3,000 feet of shoreline, after purchasing the adjacent Brown’s Point Peninsula!


With Echo Lake selected as one of the top ten cleanest lakes in Maine, our purpose in wanting to acquire this acreage was to preserve the wildlife and enhance the ecosystem of Echo Lake in order to maintain the lake’s status as one of Maine’s lake gems.  The 20 acre parcel, will be renamed, “Vega Point”, and will be there for Outdoor Adventure activities, camping overnights, and more!  There will be charity related events on Vega Point as well, which will be announced this summer during the ribbon-cutting ceremony the first week of camp.

Safe travels and have fun and be merry and wise, always,

The Vega Family