Birthday Banquet

The sun was up bright and early today, and so was Vega. All day, not a cloud was found. It was perfect for all of the inter-camp activities that happened. First, we held a Waterski meet here while 11 and under and 13 and under Lacrosse was at Laurel, along with 13’s and 15’s Tennis. It was a big day for those teams with many victories had.

The big event of the day was one that involved every single person at camp, Birthday Banquet. This is a celebration of everyone’s birthday and a time where we can all gather for one meal and enjoy some good food, music and partying! This year’s theme was “Glo”. Each table was covered with glow sticks which the girls quickly snatched up and wrapped around their wrists and necks. The spectacle of 300 plus people with glow sticks is quick cool!

The evening finished with another all-camp event, Capture the Flag. Each team put up a great fight, but  Green came out on top with a score of 144 to 97