Camp Big Sisters & Little Sisters!

Older and younger campers are brought together through the Camp Big Sister/Little Sister program

Dear Vega,

A wonderful thing about Vega is its many well-loved traditions.  One of our favorites is the Camp Big Sister/Little Sister program. We are excited to announce that we have just emailed this year’s Camp Big/Little Sister assignments to parents! 

Camp Big Sisters talk to their Little Sisters before the summer, sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and love for Vega. Once at camp, we want to make sure that all of our Vega campers feel right at home as quickly as possible, and Camp Sisters are a great way to help make that happen!  They visit their Little Sisters on the first day of camp, and regularly throughout the summer.  During camp we hold Camp Sister events, like special meals and evening activities.

We hope you enjoy getting to know your Camp Big Sister or Little Sister!  Thank you and have fun!

Kyle and Emily