Camp Counselor: A Summer Job and an Internship

Dear Vegans,

Happy New Year – we hope you are all doing well!  Staff recruiting and summer job searches are in full swing and we have been receiving some great applications.  Some of you may have seen articles recently about the pros of working at a summer camp vs. obtaining an internship.  Here are some of our favorites from the New York Times, USA Today and LinkedIn.

It is clear that there are many benefits of being a camp counselor, such as developing leadership skills, grit and emotional intelligence.  Camp counselors also learn and practice how to nurture, teach, organize and inspire.  However, many college students, especially when they are entering their later years of college, begin seeking internships since that is often considered the only option.DSC_8794-L

If you are a college student looking for a summer job or internship know this: being a camp counselor can actually be an accredited and paid internship (not to mention a much more meaningful job than some of the mundane tasks interns are often faced with)!  We will also help guide you to on how to obtain the permission from your school, which begins with speaking with your adviser and gaining permission from the chair of the department of your corresponding major.

That is right!  We’ll work with any college to help you get an accredited internship, which we have done throughout the years.  We have worked with college majors such as business, music, education, marketing, recreation management, sports medicine and more.   There is an almost endless list of majors that apply to the plethora of responsibilities that camp staff take on every day during the summer.

So, if you are looking to obtain an internship, consider being a summer camp counselor: get paid, get college credits, and get all of the amazing gifts and skills that accompany working in this magical place.

Tons of Love,

Kyle and Emily