Camp Vega Terms of Enrollment

The following terms of enrollment were last updated March 16th, 2023.

Camp Vega may change the terms of enrollment listed below and agrees to notify all enrolled families of substantial changes (namely financial amendments or camp policies) made by email after completing the enrollment application.

All payments to Camp Vega are fully refundable up to sixty days prior to the opening day of camp.  Refunds requested within sixty days of Opening Day will be fully processed with the exception of the deposit, unless due to physical injury that prevents camper from participating in activities.  In the case of injury and cancellation, a full refund will be provided.  Refunds requested during camp are either paid on a pro-rated basis minus the deposit (except in the case of injury, where deposit will be paid as well), or fully credited towards the following summer on a pro-rated basis.

Camp Vega processes a 3% credit card fee for credit card payments after the deposit for tuition, chaperoned travel, paid activities, and Senior Trips.  Any unpaid tuition balance after July 1st may be charged automatically to the credit card on file with a 3% processing fee.   Fees incurred by Camp Vega, such as credit card fees or non-refundable airline reservations are not refundable.

Camp Vega reserves the right in its discretion to cancel enrollment if it deems cancellation to be in the best interests of the Camp or of the camper. I (parent or guardian completing camper application) have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the overarching message of the Camper Code of Conduct: to be respectful and honest to campers and staff, regardless of their background or abilities.  Camp will communicate with campers and parents to the best of Camp’s ability to educate and help camp families before and during the summer succeed.  The Director reserves the right to withdraw any camper whose influence or actions are deemed unsatisfactory to the Camp or who will not live within the rules and policies communicated by the Camp.

By sending your child to Camp Vega you agree to follow the enrollment and payment terms which are listed on the Camp Vega website and you choose in the Camper Application.

All parents/guardians realize that no environment is risk-free.  Families agree to release and indemnify, that is, to hold harmless in all respects, the camp owner, and camp employees with regard to any claims for injuries that may be incurred as a result of participation in Camp activities.

A Camp Vega Director and/or Camp Vega Medical Doctor will communicate with parent(s)/guardian(s) through the cell phone(s) provided in the event of a medical emergency.  In the event a camp parent cannot be reached in an emergency when their child is under Camp Vega supervision, they give permission to the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and/or order injections, anesthesia or surgery for their child.

It is agreed that any dispute or cause of action arising between the parties, whether out of this agreement or otherwise, can only be brought in the Kennebec County Superior Court located in Kennebec County, Maine and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Maine.

By enrolling your daughter you also agree to give Camp Vega permission to reproduce and publish any photograph, video, audio recording or likeness of your child for advertising, commercial or any other purpose.  Camp Vega will remove any photograph of your daughter from the Camp Vega website upon request.