Pre-Camp 2015 Week 2 – Waterfront News

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The docks are in! Way to go Vega staff.

An important part of a summer at Vega, just as in life, is water!  A summer camp waterfront is crucial, especially come late July.  That is another advantage of summer camp in Maine: the great chains of lakes, of which Echo Lake is a part, that are constantly being fed with fresh water from the mountains in western Maine as it heads out to sea.

We want to keep you up to date with waterfront news in this post.  The boats arrived last week from their winter home. Thanks to the hard work of the pre-camp and maintenance staff the boats were able to dock at their summer home in Echo Lake.  The waterski and swim docks are all in and they were installed in record time!  Way to go Vega staff, that is no easy task.

The water ski boats are back!

The water ski boats are back!

For the older girls (13 and up) who are interested and willing to wake up a little early, the new waterski jump is being delivered early next week.  And in case you are wondering, yes, it is the exact dimensions as the old one.

Meanwhile, in the Swim department we are excited to announce a new addition to the program.  Similar to the 50-mile club down at Landsports, you can now elect to become a member of the Vega Swim-A-Thon for Camp Champions, a charity that sends kids-in-need to summer camps throughout New England.  So, you can help other kids have the joy of the camp experience just by swimming!  We will keep track of the number of laps that you swim throughout the summer and then send that information home to you after the summer.  This is in hopes that your hard work will inspire friends and family to get involved anyway they can.

This is the last weekend before the ropes, equestrian, waterski and swim staff arrive at camp for their training and certifications.  Camp looks great and we are getting more excited with each passing moment!

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The 2015 Vega Staff Family continues to grow!