Dear Vega 2016…

Dear Vega 2016,

It is hard to believe that it has reached the point in the summer when we sit down to write our end of summer address.  Thank you for making this summer perfect on seemingly every level.  Each and every one of you played a role in helping us get there!

Thank you Vega campers for making Vega your summer home.  Seeing you happy, truly happy, makes everyone around you happy – including us.  Seeing you try your hardest, whether it be in sports, performing arts or just helping the person next to you, is always such an inspiration. You should all be proud of your accomplishments, including that of being a member of the Vega family – to do so means that you know how to live harmoniously with others, learn from your mistakes, try your hardest, live in the moment, love those around you, and have gratitude for how lucky we all are to spend the summers here together.

Tamary 2016 – your genuine love of life, love of one another, and love of Vega, is what brought so much magic to this summer.  Thank you for showing everyone, campers and staff alike, what it means to be accepting.  You accepted each other for who you are, and in doing so lived out the ultimate goal at Vega – to truly be yourself, and in turn allow others to accept you for who you are.  Thank you for leading by example and carrying on the Vega traditions. We wish we could stop the clock and remain here with you. We love you and are excited to see what the future brings. 

Anthony, Sandy, Debbie, Tiger, Scott, Britty, Dave, Emma, Department Heads and Group Leaders – it is because of what you do all day (and all year!) that makes it possible for us to take a breath and enjoy the moment.  We know that because of your leadership, dedication and organization, that all aspects of camp are taken care of, and in turn all the campers and staff are taken care of in every way.  Our gratitude for what you do to make Vega possible is impossible to express. We cannot imagine Vega, or our lives, without you. Thank you for your hard work, creativity, selflessness, love and friendship.

At Vega we talk a lot about gratitude and appreciating the moment.  Let us take a moment to appreciate the people who make our day to day lives comfortable, safe, exciting and fun.  Thank you Lovejoy for helping us be healthy! Thank you kitchen staff for feeding us! Thank you housekeeping staff to cleaning up our mess! Thank you laundry staff for keeping us clean!  Thank you maintenance for keeping the grounds beautiful, our water running and our buildings safe!  Thank you office for keeping us on time and connected! Thank you nannies for loving our little and big kids, and keeping them happy and safe!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to the to the cabin counselors for being summer parents to our campers – your campers.  You sacrificed, more than anyone, to ensure the happiness and safety of the girls.  Thank you for always putting their needs before your own; thank you for ensuring your cabin was a harmonious place to live; thank you for waking up in the middle of the night if your camper needed you; thank you for staying up late to hang out with your girls. YOU made this summer special. There is no “secret ingredient” to being a successful counselor other than being yourself and loving your kids.  You did that. Thank you.

Remember, your life is all about the choices you make.  Choose to be good and caring friends, students, athletes, artists, and family members!  As you walk through the halls of your school, hold your heads high.  You’ve all had an amazing summer and the skills you’ve learned here will give you so much. Thank you for giving us so much in return – we miss you all and are wishing you a great start to the school year.

Tons of love,
Kyle and Emily