Dear Vega 2017….

Director, Kyle Courtiss, places "Wish and Will Boats" around the final campfire.

Director, Kyle Courtiss, places “Wish and Will Boats” around the final campfire.

Dear Vega 2017,

It certainly doesn’t get better than this summer! Thank you for making every accomplishment and challenge as fun as possible. We have learned so much from campers and staff, and are saddened that we now need to look forward to somehow making next summer better than this one. We hope that you make Vega proud and represent yourselves throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring as great artists, athletes, teammates, and above all, appreciative and respectful people.

Perhaps the most special thing about Vega is how hundreds of people of all ages can come together for the same goal of making Vega a happy, fun and safe summer home. Every person, every relationship, every challenge and every triumph is a piece of the puzzle that has been put together over the last seven weeks to create the most beautiful picture – Vega 2017!

Thank you to every camper for having the courage to spend seven weeks away from your family and turn Vega into your summer home and make all of us your camp family. We have seen all of you grow in so many ways this summer and we are very proud of each and every one of you. “From the fields down to the lake” you have taken on every activity with gusto. We’ve seen you hone skills and try new things. You should all be proud of your accomplishments, especially that of being part of the Vega family – to do so means that you know how to live harmoniously with others, learn from your mistakes, try your hardest, live in the moment, love those around you, and appreciate how lucky we are to spend our summers together in the most beautiful place.

Tamary 2017 – your ability to step outside your comfort zone this summer and not “stick to what you know” was so impressive. You formed new friendships and came together as leaders of Vega, and in doing so set the tone for the summer. Your theme is indicative of the way you lived your summer and we can’t imagine how it can get better than this. We love you so much and thank you for loving Vega.

Leadership Team 2017 – from our first canoe to the Point we knew that this Team was special. It is because of what you do all day (and all year!) that makes it possible for us to take a breath and enjoy the moment. We know that because of your leadership, dedication, and organization, that all aspects of camp are taken care of, and in turn all the campers and staff are taken care of in every way. Our gratitude for what you do to make Vega possible is impossible to express. We cannot imagine Vega, or our lives, without you. Thank you for your hard work, creativity, selflessness, love and friendship.

Crucial pieces of the puzzle are the people who work tirelessly to make our day to day lives possible. Thank you Lovejoy and Britty for keeping us healthy! Thank you Kitchen and Dave for feeding us! Thank you Housekeeping for keeping us clean and healthy! Thank you Laundry for providing us with clean clothes! Thank you Maintenance, Scott and Tiger for keeping Vega beautify, the water running and the facilities safe! Thank you Office for keeping us organized, on time and connected! Thank you Nannies for loving our children and keeping them happy and safe!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to the Program Staff and Cabin Counselors for being summer parents to the campers – your campers. You sacrificed, more than anyone, to ensure the happiness and safety of the girls. Thank you for always putting their needs before your own; thank you for ensuring your cabin was a harmonious place to live; thank you for waking up in the middle of the night if your camper needed you; thank you for staying up late to hang out with your girls. YOU are the pieces of the puzzle that keep us all together. YOU are the heroes of the summer.

Each one of us will pass through the Vega gates at the end of the season with our own individual perspective of the summer, and yet we are all forever connected through the experience we all just shared. No matter where life takes you, and whether we see you next week, next summer, or next decade, know that Vega will always be your home and the bonds made this summer will last forever.

All our love,
Kyle and Emily