Director’s Message to Vega 2015

Dear Vega 2015,

There are many great memories that come to mind as we think back on the wonderful times we had with everyone this past summer.  We will miss all of the fun times, and even more so the 2015 Vega Family, who made this summer so special.

Vega is for the campers and they took advantage of every moment!  The girls learned new skills and overcame challenges, and most importantly, had fun and made new friends.  We saw each of them grow so much over 7 weeks and are so are proud! We will miss the laughter, hugs and smiles these next 10 months and are counting the days to next summer.

Tamary 2015 was so much fun and their spirit and enthusiasm permeated through the entire camp.  They made each day come alive with creative ideas and cheers and chants in the dining hall.  More impressive than their  roll call was the positive leadership we witnessed every day and every where at camp.  From Sunset Circle, Olympics and Marathon, to the way they set the perfect tone on a daily basis, T’15 showed respect, acceptance and love for all campers and staff.  You made the 2015 summer very, very special.  Thank you Tamary, you are anything but ordinary!  We love you forever!

We are incredibly lucky to have the trust and support of the Vega Parents. We are inspired by the immense gift you have given your daughters – summer camp. You entrusted your girls in our care where we had the honor and joy of watching them enjoy and navigate the adventures of Vega. You should all be proud of your daughters’ accomplishments as they return home to you with new friendships and memories that will last a life time.

The Counselors and Bunkles were incredible.  They worked as a team, supported their campers, and were fun, safe and positive leaders, in the cabins and departments. It takes a tight team to respond to the calling of the important summer vocation of being a counselor. They were all heroes and we hope they left the extraordinary world of Vega with treasures galore – friendships, experiences, skills and confidence.

There are so many people whose perseverance keeps Vega run smoothly and safely “behind the scenes.”  The Nannies, Office, Kitchen, Maintenance, Laundry, Housekeeping and Stable Hands staff all worked incredibly hard.

The safety and the health of everyone at Vega is our number one objective.  Thank you to our Health Center for their tireless efforts in doing just that.  We are very proud of the care they showed the Vega community and parents.

The 2015 Group Leaders and Department Heads had tireless energy and effort.  Their positive attitudes, even after long days, is so appreciated.  The leadership they showed in the bunks and in departments kept the campers safe, having fun and learning new skills. There is no way to explain how much they do for Vega, or express our gratitude.  Thank you.

A hearty thank you goes to Debbie Green, Anthony Pyatt, Sandy Harris and Gines Satchi, Vega’s Head Counselor, Operations Director, Program Director, and Assistant Program Director respectively. Their dedication, friendship, support, and endless positivity enabled Vega to run, and run smoothly.  They are always willing to do anything that is needed to help anyone here…especially us!  We are grateful and honored to spend our summers together with them and their families.

As we wrap up the 2015 summer and look to the months ahead, we are grateful to have a devoted year-round Vega family: Scott, Tiger, Anthony and Anthony.  They take on the enormous task of keeping Vega beautiful, safe and operating efficiently both at Vega and in the winter office.  Their creativity and skills in making the most of this haven means so very much to us.  When Vega is covered in snow and the lake is frozen, the warmth of their personalities and love of Vega makes everyone feel happy and secure.

Thank you again to the entire 2015 Vega Family.  The bond we all share is everlasting. May the memories, friendships, skills, and confidence you gained at Camp Vega be part of your treasures over the year and throughout your life.

Kyle and Emily