End of Summer

We trust you are settled into your fall routine with school, activities, sports and events!  We are having a wonderful time settling in to the new winter office and Paxton is settling into his pre-school (although he still asks if any lake that we see is Echo Lake)!
Here is a photo of alumna, Alice Lowenthal Shapiro who attended Vega from 1952 – 1955.  Alice’s daughter, Ellen Shapiro attended Vega in the 70’s.  Alice was part of the group called, “Leaders in Training” and she became a certified Maine Guide in the junior program as a result of completing this training program at Camp Vega.  The song, “JMG” is a direct result of the amazing program offered to the girls when Vega did not have gymnastics, dance, ropes and a vast array of sports and arts.  The program fizzled out in the 80’s since none of the girls wanted to miss camp life with their regular scheduled programs.  Still, trips are scheduled out of camp on a sign-up basis for those who want to do overnight camping.
One of Alice’s favorite memories was climbing Mount Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine.  Alice lives with her husband, Bill in New York City and from her recounts of her world adventures, Vega has never left her heart!
We are continuing to gear up for next summer.  New campers are signing up and we have started wait lists in some of the older age-groups.  Parents can reserve your space by filling out the online enrollment form.
That is it for now, happy holidays to our Jewish families!
Best wishes,
Linda, Kyle and Emily