Fall Is In The Air

Dear Vega,

Fall is officially here.  Up at camp, the water if off and camp is shut down for the season.  Tiger, Scott and Anthony are busy working on fall and winter projects, which some of which include:

– White House interior and exterior renovations, including new, more private camper phone call areas
– Brand new big staff room with games with a separate maintenance garage (both of which will be located where the old stables were, which used to store maintenance supplies and extra dining hall tables for banquets)
– Cadillac (lower Arts & Crafts studio) makeover
– Dining Hall exterior renovations
– New roofs on the Inter bunks
– Refinishing the Boothbay dance floor
– Additional tether ball poles throughout camp
– More exciting activity surprises, some of which were discussed with the camper counsel last summer

Here in the CT office, we are busy wrapping up last summer and enrolling campers for 2014.  We want to remind you that enrollment forms are due on Monday, September 30th.  Thank you.

Also, a very warm welcome to our many new Vega campers who will be starting their journey at Vega this summer!

Happy fall and we hope you enjoy this picture of Vega in early Fall!


Kyle and Emily