Meet the Housekeeping and Laundry Staff

Holly Goldrup – Laundry Director

Mandy Cossaboom – Laundry Assistant Manager

Eleanor McClay – Housekeeping Director



First Name: Carolina 

Last Name: Gutierrez Lezama

Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

Current grade: Last period of social service in physical therapy

School: BUAP

2021 will be my __3__ year at Vega 

Hobbies/favorite activities: reading, knitting, watching TV 

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: Quarantine, not seeing my family, my friends and my boyfriend.

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: To be patient, to take more care of me and the people around me. In my social Service I learned about pulmonary therapy

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: coming back to Vega after 2 years! meet new friends, be with all the girls that I already know and the ones I am going to meet. 






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