Meet the Directors

Kyle & Emily Courtiss

Vega Directors, Kyle and Emily Courtiss

Kyle and Emily strive everyday to create the best experiences for Vega’s campers and staff through their love and knowledge of camp, and positive outlook on life.  Their passion for camp started at a very young age as a result of their own camp experiences.  Kyle was born into the camping world and spent his first summers at Camp Vega before attending Camp Winadu and Camp Takajo.  Nearly every summer of his life has been spent as a camper, counselor, sports coach, program director, staff recruiter and now, director.The pandemic has forced us all to change and grow in countless ways.  It is important for us to reconnect and stay connected, both individually and as a larger community.

Kyle went to Bowdoin College and Emily went to The University of Puget Sound.  They met during a college semester abroad in 2001, and were married in 2006.  Emily fell in love with Vega during her first summer as a counselor in 2002.  Her summers were spent as a camper with the girl scouts in Colorado and then several years at Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Since 2002, Emily’s roles at Vega included equestrian and bunk counselor, junior group leader, staff recruiter and now, director.

Kyle and Emily are completely committed to each camper’s happiness and take the time to get to know every girl and her family.  Their knowledge of camp extends to all areas.  Kyle specializes in staff and program, and Emily focuses on camper well-being and bunk life.

They have two boys:  Paxton was born in 2010, and Cameron was born in 2014.  As parents, Kyle and Emily understand the trust that parents place in them and their staff to care for the girls who call Vega their summer home. They welcome each camper who comes through the Vega gates as family, and believe wholeheartedly in the magic of camp and the power it has to transform lives.

2020 was an especially challenging year and a lot has happened.  The pandemic has forced us all to change and grow in countless ways.   In a way, we are all “new” coming into the 2021 summer and this year we asked our staff to (re)introduce themselves in that context. Enjoy!

Name: Kyle Courtiss

School/Profession: Owner & Director at Camp Vega

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT (raised in Duxbury, MA)

Years at Vega: I’ve worked at Vega since 1996.

Current (and previous) position(s) at Vega: Soccer and lacrosse coach, ropes instructor, various administrative positions, program director, director.

Hobbies/favorite activities: Skiing, biking, completing home and camp improvement projects, and playing almost anything with my two boys.

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: Accepting the changes we were faced with and getting my boys to try new things.

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020:  Masonry is challenging!  I enjoy using stones for landscaping and spent some time learning the basics of cutting stones with various tools.

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: Helping everyone at camp have the most fun possible!

Name: Emily Courtiss

Profession: Owner/Director, Camp Vega

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT (born and raised in Boulder, CO)

2021 will be my 19th year at Vega (do not include 2020)

Current (and previous) position(s) at Vega: Equestrian Instructor, Sub Super Junior Counselor, Sub Junior & Junior Group Leader, various Admin positions, Assistant Director, Director.

Hobbies/favorite activities: Spending time outdoors with my family, yoga, skiing, swimming in Echo Lake, and anything that makes me laugh! 

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: Seeing and hearing empty bunks everyday (missing my Vega family!) and managing our kids’ screen time. 

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: How much I LOVE BEING IN ECHO LAKE.

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: For campers and staff to BE IN THEIR SUMMER HOME!!  And all the excitement, energy, challenge, laughter and joie de vie that being together at camp entails.

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