Meet the Media Staff

Jose Cueva – Media Director

First Name: Jose (AKA Pina)

Last Name: Cueva

Hometown: Guadalajara MX

2021 will be my 4th year at Vega:

Hobbies/favorite activities: I normally skateboard around 5 days a week. I’ve also starting to  learn how to surf!  and when I’m not doing that you’ll see me with a camera in my hand.

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: Not attending Vega this year especially since I have never missed a summer before so first time missing Vega (counting the days for 2021).

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: Be more patient about things that you can’t change, and always be grateful for what we have.

What are you most excited for Vega 2021: Seeing all the vega family, it will be an awesome summer!

First Name: Diana

Last Name: Riano

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Current grade: 8th semester

School: National University of Colombia

2021 will be my first year at Vega 

Hobbies/favorite activities: reading, painting, watching movies, and skating.

What was the hardest part about summer 2020:

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: To appreciate the most simple things, adapt to different situations and find a way to make everything better, new ways to show and share love.

What are you most excited for Vega 2021: After this year, I am very excited about the idea of being surrounded by people and nature, breathing clear air, far away from technological devices. 

First Name: Desiree alexandra 

Last Name: Gneco de la Cruz 

Hometown: Santo Domingo 

Current grade: Graduate Student 

2021 will be my first year at Vega   

First Name: Hunter

Last Name: Freedman

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Current grade: Junior in college

2021 will be my 9th (2nd as a counselor) year at Vega 

Hobbies/favorite activities: Watching new movies and TV shows, vintage shopping, listening to Taylor Swift

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: The hardest part about summer 2020 was being away from a lot of my friends and family. I moved back to my college town over the summer and it was really great to be back with two of my close friends, but it was definitely a struggle learning how to be on my own again after being home with my parents for the last bunch of months.

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: I’ve been getting into meditation recently to cope with stress and it’s been really fulfilling! I try to start every day with a short meditation so it’s made my days start smoothly 🙂

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: I’m most excited to experience the beauty of camp together again! This past year has been really tough for so many reasons so I’m really looking forward to everyone coming back together and being in such a great environment for the summer.



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