Meet the Music Staff




Marcelle du Plessis – Department Head

My name is Marcelle du Plessis. I was born in South Africa and I live in the Cape Winelands in a beautiful town called Stellenbosch. I am 6ft2, absolutely love to go hiking and doing outdoor activities, meeting new people and explore different cultures. I will be in the music department at camp, teaching piano and singing. This will be my first year at Vega and I cannot wait to meet all the girls and have an amazing summer together.




Hi, my name is Jordan and I am from Nashville, TN. This is my first summer at Camp Vega and I have heard so many great things and seen so many incredible videos and pictures of everyone having a great time. I really look forward to meeting all the different people and to learn from you all while I am there. I play guitar and love to write songs and I want to help anybody that is interested in music, play guitar, write songs, and play music they love.




Hello! My name is Charlotte Ross and I am so excited to be a music counselor at Camp Vega this year! I play guitar, flute, piano, and bass, as well as a little bit of french horn, trombone, trumpet, percussion, violin, ukulele, and clarinet. I specialize in jazz and rock, but I love all types of music and I’m happy to teach any style. I can’t wait to get to know everyone this summer!

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