Meet the Program and Office Staff


Emma Horowitz – Logistics Director






Emily Nichols – Office Manager





First name: Leighanna

Last name: Son

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts 

I graduated in 2019 from The University of Tampa

2021 will be my 2nd summer at Vega

The hardest part of the pandemic for me was having to stay away from friends and family! 

Something I learned from this pandemic is that I don’t actually need to go out for dinner multiple times every week 🙂 

I am most excited to see my campers and friends on staff from 2019!




First Name: Sophia

Last Name: Saenz

Hometown: San Diego

Current grade: Junior

School: UCSD

2021 will be my 1st year at Vega

Hobbies/favorite activities: I like to hike, kayak, rock climb and dance (only when no ones watching)

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: The hardest part for me was not being able to go explore new national parks

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: I learned how to say the alphabet backwards (so if you ever see me around Vega, ask me to do it for you)

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: To meet my new Vega family!





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