Meet the Ropes Staff

Manny Castillo – Ropes Department Head

Hi Vega! 

Very, very excited for my tenth summer at camp! And very excited to be back for my fourth summer as the head of Ropes, with many exciting new ideas and intentions of bringing back old traditions (pirates club).  I’m looking forward to seeing old faces and getting to know new members of our Vega family.  See you all very soon!





Hi campers!  My name is Emily and I ‘m so excited to meet you all at Vega!  This will be fly first summer at Vega.  I’m from Auckland, New Zealand and I am currently working full time in my first year out of high school. Super keen to spend the summer with you all and to have the best time ever !!! See you in June!





Hi!! My Name is Kacee, and I’m from Perth, Australia. I can’t wait to spend my first summer and first time in America at  Vega! I’ll be working in the rope department this summer and can’t wait to meet all of you and have some fun!





Hi everyone, my name is Em and I’m really looking forward to spending my first summer on ropes at Camp Vega! I have been living in London, UK for the last few years so am really looking to spending the summer away from the big city in the trees as a rope instructor. Apart from ropes, my favourite pass times are playing field hockey, running track and drama – so am also excited to see the shows at Vega! Cant wait to meet you all soon!





Hi, my name is Christine. I’m a junior at Utah State University. I’m majoring in Statistics, and despite how boring my major may sound, I do believe in having fun that’s why I’m excited to spend my first summer at Camp Vega. I’m so excited to be on the ropes course and spend all summer making memories in the beautiful state of Maine.






Hi Campers! My name is Natalia and I’m from Mexico.  Currently I volunteer in an orphanage is Puebla, Mexico.  This is my first summer at camp and I’m very excited to meet everyone and have the best summer at Camp Vega.  I’ll be in the ropes department and can’t wait to meet you all!

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