Meet the Ropes Staff

Manny Castillo – Ropes Director






First Name: Maria Jose

Last Name: Aguilar Jara

Hometown: Veracruz, Mexico

Current grade: 3rd year

School: Universidad Veracruzana

2021 will be my first year at Vega:

Hobbies/favorite activities: I love playing flag football, volleyball, dance and having fun with my friends 

What was the hardest part about summer 2020: the hardest part was getting used to the new normal

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020: I learned that we need to live and enjoy life. We need to enjoy the fresh air and the outside, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

What are you most excited for for Vega 2021: I’m so excited to meet all the staff and the campers, have fun and enjoy the summer





















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