Hiring the Best Staff for 2014

Dear Vega,

It is hard to believe that January is over and we are excited to say that camp is now less than 150 days away!  We are in full swing preparing for summer 2014, and are focusing much of our attention on hiring the best staff.  There are quite a few staff members returning, and we will begin posting profiles soon on the “Meet the Staff” page on the website. We will also be posting new staff as well.

We have already reviewed nearly 1000 applications so far!  There are a number of attributes that we look for when interviewing potential Vega counselors: enthusiasm, empathy, patience, ability to problem solve, flexible, motivated, positive, skilled in camp activities, experience working with kids and/or young adults, knowledge of camp, etc., etc.

Being a camp counselor is a wonderful and challenging experience, one which is being touted more and more often for it’s life-long personal and career benefits. Check out just a few of the blogs and articles written recently about why bring a camp counselor is the best way for young adults to spend their summers:

Here are two articles about why camp counseling beats any summer internship (paid or not paid) from the New York Times and Huffington Post.  And here is one about why business should hire former camp counselors.

Another wonderful aspect of the Vega staff that has become more and more prevalent over the last five years is having a significant number of alumnae return to work at Vega! It is always great to welcome returning campers back as staff members.  Some have reflected with us after the summer that being a counselor was their best summer experience yet.  This year, we are again thrilled to welcome back many alums.  And for the first time in a long time, a Vega alum is going to be assisting in the dance department.  Here is a brief bio on Deanna Loew’s dance experience after Vega:

I have danced professionally at the Orlando Ballet and was trained at the Ballet Conservatory of Asheville in their professional division primarily.  This past summer, I danced with Nick Kepley, who is the choreographer for several Broadway plays and runs Motion Dance Theater.  I had the opportunity to dance with very well know professional dancers ten hours a day, 7 days a week, for four weeks.  It was incredible.  In addition to that, I have gotten in to several world renounced programs such as American Ballet Theater, Houston Ballet, NYU Tisch, and the USC dance program.  Now I am looking forward to dancing with Vega girls in Boothbay and Lakeview this summer!

We are looking forward to it too!  Remember to look back soon at the “Meet the Staff” page to learn more about other Vega alum, and other new and returning counselors, who will comprise the 2014 Vega Staff!  White and Green in 2014!

Kyle and Emily