It’s Getting Closer!

Hello Vega!
We have begun to welcome the pre-camp maintenance crew at camp!  Meanwhile, Scott, Anthony and Tiger have been busy putting finishing touches on the new staff room (named Flagstaff!), various building renovations and making the grounds looks gorgeous for opening day.  We have also been thinking long and hard about the space at the old staff room and the new spin program and an idea dawned on us like the sun rising on Echo Lake!  The music studio is going to have a new location this summer and it is being moved to the old staff room in the middle of camp!  Accordingly, the new spin program is going to the old music studio right next to the mountain biking department.
We have also been doing some substantial White House renovations recently and have built new phone booths for camper phone calls throughout the summer.  More information about scheduling camp phone calls and communicating while at camp will be emailed to parents after the system has been activated.
We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to see you in June!

Tons of Love,
Kyle, Emily and the Camp Vega Team