Lazy Monday

While most Sunday’s are designated as “Lazy Days” the schedule allowed us to have regular activities yesterday so that we could have an Olympic Lazy Day today. While Super Seniors and Tamary tubed on Echo Lake this morning, Junior camp warmed up their vocal chords during song practice.

The afternoon hosted 2 Olympic Events: The Sing-Off and Water Brigade. For Water Brigade, Junior Camp formed lines leading from the beach to the circle benches. The object is to pass pitchers filled with water up the line to fill the large bucket at the top of the hill. Both teams were great sports and worked so well together! The sing-off was also extremely entertaining. Each team pulled words from a hat, then had to come up with as many songs as possible in a given amount of time with that word in it.

All in all it was a relaxing, but fun-filled Lazy Monday.

The Vega News Office