Lodge Expansions, Renovations and Upgrades!!!

We are excited to share that the incredible maintenance crew up at camp has been been working tirelessly on an extensive renovation to our theater, known as The Lodge.  While the name and much of the original structure and will remain the same, we are really looking forward to some major upgrades, including:

  • more seating
  • a larger stage
  • new lights and sound equipment
  • new office and practice rooms

We have some other surprises to make the Lodge as comfortable as possible for everyone at every show and event down there.  And of course, all the plaques from shows over the years have been safely stored and will be rehung after work is complete.

Here is a sketch of what the front of the new Lodge will look like:

The original porch and entire front wall have been removed. The new wall increases the floor and stage space dramatically. The new porch will run the length of the building and allow for additional doors and a more efficient flow while entering/exiting.


Work began this Fall and started by carefully removing the porch, windows, doors, most of the siding, and all of the roof.


Off comes the porch.


First the shingles, then the rest of the roof.


A look down into what was the office and backstage right.


A view of the front, mid-demo.


Work on the back of the Lodge was also required.


The next step was to frame the new floor space and porch:

The new floor space extends past the old front wall.


Framing for the new porch that now runs the length of the building.


More work on the new porch.


Finally, the old roof came off and the new roof and front wall went up.  Look at those huge tresses!!

The original roof is gone, and huge tresses for the new roof are put in place.


Another view of the tresses for the new roof.


The tresses are all in and the new front wall is all framed in!  Can you see the old wall still “inside” through the windows?


The roof is complete and the front wall is coming along.


As of late January 2020, the roof is on and the new wall and porch are framed in.  The next step will be to remove the old wall (that’s now essentially “inside” ).  We can hardly wait to see the next steps with the new windows and doors, new lighting and sound, and much more!

Thank you Scott B., Tiger, Chris and Alex for your incredibly hard work and skilled craftsmanship!! Vega is so lucky to have such a tough and talented crew.