Moving Day is Here!

Kyle, Emily and Paxton are ready to get to Vega!

Dear Vegans,

The start of camp must be just a few short weeks away, because it is time for the Vega office to move to Maine!  Tiger arrived in CT yesterday, and we are packing up the office and a few of our belongings today.  Tomorrow we drive Vega!  Accordingly, please send all mail to camp:

Camp Vega
317 Echo Lake Rd.
Fayette, ME 04349
phone: 207-685-3707
fax: 207-685-5520

Over the next four weeks all the 2013 Vega staff, new and returning, will arrive to the shores of Echo Lake.   Then, on June 22, 2013, we will welcome the campers through the Vega gates, starting our journey on a fun and incredible summer.

You will all be here before we know it, and we can hardly wait!


Kyle and Emily