Natural Beauty at Vega

Yesterday was full of fun activities and ended with a beautiful rainbow, reminding us of the beauty around us.

Regular activities ran without fault yesterday. The sun made its glowing appearance in the morning and stuck around to see everyone through 7th period. During coaches period, the first Pop Fly Tour was held at Landsports. This is an opportunity where girls of any age can try out their skills of catching a pop fly ball from the automated pitcher. If successful, the contenders receive a special t-shirt later on. If there glove isn’t quite ready for the catch, the tour happens every Wednesday and anyone is able to attend.

Towards the end of coaches period, we were greeted by an afternoon rain storm which produced one of the largest, most beautiful double-rainbows we have ever seen. You couldn’t help but stop and admire its grandeur. Not every day can be perfect weather and that’s okay. The hope is that we can teach the girls to appreciate all sides of life and take each moment as it comes.

Happy Independence Day and look out stay tuned for an update of the goings-on around camp today!

The Vega News Office