Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The pandemic has forced us to think outside the box as we strive to stay productive and find positive and healthy experiences for our families. As we gear up to provide the most special summer possible for Vega girls and staff, we see so many new opportunities as a result of preparing for every scenario in 2021, ranging from “normal summer” to “covid bubble” to everything in between.

The subject of technology has come up several times in our planning, and is an example of maintaining strong traditions while utilizing new lessons learned.

During a year where all of us, especially our kids, have had unprecedented amounts of “screen time”, we are excited to remain screen free/technology free so that campers and staff get a crucial respite from the constant lures, pressures and addiction of games, entertainment and information.

We are incorporating our newfound familiarity with remote learning and video conferencing to enhance communication and connection between campers and their families without taking away from our campers’ ability to live in the moment and focus on life at camp.

For example, why not have parents and campers talk over video chat instead of the phone? It would allow kids and parents to see each other and feel closer during those calls, not to mention that many younger campers are unsure how to hold a landline phone anyway!

One recurring phrase we have noticed ourselves and our team saying as we prepare for different scenarios this summer is, “the sky’s the limit” (although we should probably consider “the star’s the limit”). No matter what the world looks this summer, we will open safely and fulfill our mission by staying “covid flexible” and continuing to learn, collaborate, plan and invent!

The Vega star is the limit!

With love,
Kyle and Emily