New Camper Get Together

Many new campers and Director, Emily, at the get together on May 1st. “Yeah new campers 2016! Woo!”

The heavy rains and bike race road closures did little to deter the newest members of the Camp Vega family from making it to Manhattan’s lower east side. The quiet Sunday streets set the perfect scene to introduce our youngest campers and their families to the songs, games and everyday knowledge of Vega.

New Vega parents spent the morning with Director Kyle Courtiss and Operations Director Anthony Pyatt discussing travel, visiting day and the like. New campers spent the morning with Director Emily Courtiss, Head Counselor Debbie Green, Vega Alumna Melanie Green and myself playing fun games like four corners and tape wars. The campers were also extremely interested about the details of summer camp and what it might entail. While sitting in a circle accompanied by glasses of water and bags of pretzels, the Vega Moose was passed around so inquisitive minds could quench their thirst for Vega knowledge. With questions ranging from “how many horses are in the stable?” to “how many stuffed animals should we bring?”,  no Vega rock was left unturned by these sharp new recruits.

Sadie, 8, of Long Island was kind enough to sit down and chat while expertly decorating her name tag. “Camp seems fun.” She said with a smile. “I’m really excited to make new friends that will be like sisters.” When asked what activity she was looking forward to the most, her face lit up and with a quick fire response said, “The Ropes Course!”.

Layla, 9, from Maryland said she was excited for the Camp Vega uniform. “Some days you just don’t know what to wear. Should I wear pink? Should I wear blue? The Vega shirts make it so easy to just *bloop* get dressed!” Layla said she was excited for gymnastics.

Overall, the feeling of family and the comfortable air of friendship sat easily within the room. When asked, many of the campers were very specific about their excitement to be at Vega in less than three months. Parents also seemed excited and filled with a sense of calm after gaining new information and the knowledge that their daughters would be in the best of hands this summer.

The buzz of excitement still hummed in the air even after the last umbrella was collected. The sense that camp is just around the corner is no longer a mere wish. With the buds on the trees finally blooming, the sun growing warmer and now the added excitement of new campers and families, camp season is defiantly on its way.