Oh How We Can Harmonize!

We have heard time and time again from campers, staff and alumni that Sunset Circle was, and is, one of their favorite events at Vega.  The steeped tradition of what takes place there resonates throughout our entire camp community…especially some camp songs with original lyrics and tunes created and adapted by campers and staff that “fill up our senses”. 

Over the years, some songs’ tunes have changed, especially those based on folk or pop songs that are no longer well known.  We are happy to share several new “home studio recordings” from Linda and Emily to help everyone get back in tune.

It is our hope we can maintain the original melodies, and the Inter Captains and Spirit Leaders can adjust their own memories of these tunes so they are passed down as accurately as possible.  Also, the Olympic Brass in particular should remember that it is natural to add volume in the circle when singing.  Yet, what has transpired over the years is more “shouting”, instead of “singing” the song.  Remember: we are all sitting next to each other at the Olympic Sing in Sunset Circle, not 150 feet away!

And while we are gearing up to gather in Sunset Circle with the 2022 campers and staff, Vega Alumni are gearing up for another Camp Reunion on Labor Day Weekend (click here to register)!

Regardless of when, we cannot wait to harmonize with you this summer!

Warmest wishes,

Linda, Kyle and Emily