One a Week Already?!

Overnight Girl's summer camp Maine It is incredible to think that a week has passed since camp officially began. Each day is packed with so many fun activities and time spent with friends. This week felt like a day as the old adage is certainly true: time flies when you are having fun.

Tonight marked the beginning of the 2015 Olympics at Olympic Overnight Girl's summer camp Maine opening ceremony at Sunset Circle. Campers and staff donned their green or white team colors. The Olympic Advisors, Generals, and Captains spoke about the true meaning of Olympics: teamwork, sportsmanship, spirit, fun and tradition.

The Department Heads and Group Leaders are getting up early to decorate the Dining Hall in festive red white and blue. The campers are filling water balloons and practicing with their partners in preparation for the great American egg toss. All the campers are laying out their red, white and blue outfits as they prepare for a jam packed day to celebrate the Fourth!