Opening Day!

Dear Vega Families,

Orientation has come to a close, and the workshops and professionals we’ve put together have shown us the Vega Team is as prepared and excited as ever to welcome the girls and really get the summer started.  Now the real training begins!

As first year camp parents sending our oldest son to camp for the summer, we can empathize even further with the range of emotions camp parents experience sending their children to camp.  It would certainly have been easier to follow the routine we were used to, and not help our children experience life in the extraordinary world of summer camp and camp friendships.

We are fairly certain you are proud that your girls are embarking on this adventure while trying to keep your nerves relatively calm.  Know that there is nothing we are more passionate about than accomplishing our mission of providing the most safe and fun summer camp experience possible for your girls.  We will be in touch throughout the summer, and are looking forward to helping your girls create amazing bonds, overcome challenges, and get to new heights as we reach for the stars together!

Much love,

Kyle and Emily