Opening Day 2019

Dear Vega Families,

Summer 2019 has begun!  

The thrill, pride, and whirlwind of emotions of Opening Day cease to amaze us, especially since we are fortunate to experience it from both sides.  As camp parents, dropping our nine-year-old son at camp last Saturday, we understand the trust you place in us and the hopes you have for your daughter.  As camp directors, we get to be a part of that camp magic – the electrifying reunions of friends returning to their summer home, the courage of new campers as they find their footing and embark on an indescribable adventure, and the love of the counselors who help campers old and new feel welcomed and loved, just the way they are.

We receive messages from alumni throughout the year, some in their 80s and 90s, telling us how their happiest memories and sometimes their closest friends were formed at camp.  The bonds, confidence, virtues, and friendships have always been a lasting and meaningful part of Vega.  Nonetheless, it seems that the passion and appreciation of camp has somehow become more precious as constant communication and social media have become the new normal.  Everyone’s ready for the detox!

Over the next 49 days every single Vega girl will grow emotionally, socially, athletically and artistically, and in the end become a more confident and independent version of herself.  In order to maximize your camper’s potential, you can parallel our message and encourage them to challenge themselves and remember the Vega Values: Build Unity, Believe In Yourself, Practice Gratitude, Have Empathy, and Live With Integrity.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give your girls the best summer of their lives, and equally as grateful to the hardworking staff and counselors who make it all possible. 

With love and excitement for the weeks ahead,

Kyle and Emily