Over many years, there are three things that we consistently hear when people visit Vega.  The first is that the setting we have is more beautiful than people ever imagine.  The second is that the facilities and maintenance are first class.  Third is that everywhere you look, there are smiles and lots of positive energy.  All of these things combine to make Vega a very special place; one that girls and their families can’t seem to get too much of.

As you explore the world of summer camps, you will see and learn many things about a variety of camping opportunities available to you and your family.  When you choose a summer camp, it will open a new world to you and your daughters — a world full of excitement, friendship, growth and wonder.  As young girls prepare to become independent and caring young women, our entire program is designed to support and enhance everyone’s ability to live away from home and family for the summer season.

Furthermore, research has shown overnight summer camp gives kids a statistical advantage in succeed in college and in the professional world.  We are honored to give girls this opportunity and spend our time making sure that every single camper is set up to have the best summer possible.  We are certain that if you, and especially your daughter, want to choose Vega that she will thrive during the summer and take away a variety skills that will last through her life.