Ropes, Equestrian, Ski, & Swim!

There has been a flurry of activity over the past week at Camp Vega. The Equestrian, Challenge Course, Swim and Water Ski staff began their training. Everyone has been preparing for the campers with happy faces and great attitudes.

Anthony Adams and his staff have been hard at work getting the boats polished, cleaned and the skis tuned for Echo Lake. The slalom course and the ski jump are out and the staff is now spending their time driving boats and practicing their awesome ski and wakeboard moves that are sure to impress.

Tyler and Mary have been preparing the swim staff for a summer on the lake honing their rescue skills and coaching strategies to insure a safe and fun summer on the Vega docks. Monday was a beautiful day and the staff took turns practicing dives of the diving boards cooling off in the lake.

The equestrian center is alive with happy horses eager to meet the campers. Katrina and her team have been getting up early to get horses ready for days of fun and excitement in the arena. Just yesterday Kyle, Emily and Paxton were saying hello to the new group of horses by giving them all a tasty carrots and apples a delicious treat for anyone.

Scott and the ropes staff have been training high in the trees. The ropes staff has been coming together and learning to overcome the same challenges the campers will face at the ropes course. Last night there where screams of laughter and excitement as the Giant swing roared to life for the first time this summer.

While Tiger, Scott and the crew touch up paint on the cabins and get the fields mowed and trimmed, ready for amazing summer. Kyle, Emily, Sandy and Anthony are working hard finalizing the latest summer details.  Everyone from Vega is looking forward to seeing you soon!