Project Updates: Pre-Camp Edition

Keeping the beautiful buildings and grounds at Vega in tip-top shape is a year-round job. We are so fortunate to have incredibly dedicated staff who maintain and expand our facilities throughout the off-season. Thank you to our outstanding year-round Maintenance Crew, Tiger Hewitt, Scott Bilodeau and Chris Firlotte for taking care of our summer home; and to Arthur Dean, who has returned to Vega annually since his retirement to prepare Vega’s organic veggie garden.

Opening day is only a few short weeks away  and the final pre-camp clean up has begun. Raking, cleaning, painting and a myriad of final touches are underway. We are so excited for you all to get to camp to see for yourselves, and wanted to share an update on what has been going on since last summer:

  • The waterfront bunks (Androscoggin, Kennebec, Penobsoct and Allagash) all had total bathroom renovations!
  • We are added a generator to Lovejoy, our health center.
  • The 2nd phase of Vega’s fiberoptic network was finished. While Vega is proudly screen-free, we still need reliable internet to ensure efficient administration, health care and programs…and to upload hundreds of photos of campers each day!
  • Dual ice and water dispenser for water bottles at Tennis and Landsports.
  • A waterline and water fountain at the Fieldhouse.
  • Dock repair/construction – over the next few years we are transitioning the docks to more durable and environmentally friendly materials.  The green turf will be replaced with recycled composite decking (like the new decking at water ski this year) and the foam floats with more durable materials.  The new dock sections look amazing!
  • New roofs on Magalloway, Tumbledown, Rainbow, Kineo, Saddleback, Kokadjo, Casco, and Powhatan.
  • Additional room and bathroom for Leadership Staff in Moxie.The Shop had an interior upgrade and remodeled.
  • A beautiful new walkway has been added near the Dining Hall steps and White House office.

So much hard work goes into making the summer successful, and we are immensely grateful to everyone who’s helping to make Vega the best is can be. Here’s to summer 2019!!