Staff Orientation 2013 Comes to a Close

Staff OrientationIf summers at Vega were analyzed as a race, the runners would be completing their final warm-up stretches and taking their positions on the track. Today the runners, of course being our counselors, will spend the day putting final touches on their bunks in preparation to receive their campers.

The past couple days, departments around camp have held the emphasis as soccer nets went up, boats were polished and stages were swept. Amidst both areas, all staff attended scheduled all-staff trainings where topics ranged from Emergency Preparedness, Bullying and “how to encourage your campers to experience more than just plain pasta at meals”.

The past week has been one of the most smooth, effective and exciting orientations to date! It has proven to us that we truly do have the most wonderful people to spend the summer with. Moreover, it is evident that these people, who will soon be charged with caring for the most precious young ladies, have been given the tools needed to make everyone’s summer a true success.

Best Regards,

The Camp Vega Team