Staying Connected #11 – What longing means to us is…

Dear Vega,

When I woke up this morning in our cabin, Moosehead, it was around 4:00am. I was alone in the bottom bunk of our boys’ bunkbed after a somewhat successful “family sleepover.” Kyle, Paxton and Cameron were still sound asleep together in the other room where I had left them hours earlier. Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I grabbed an iPad and a blanket, tiptoed down the hall and crept outside to capture the sunrise.

After trying a few different spots, I found the perfect view of Echo Lake – peeking out from behind the Water-ski shack, Stillwater, the iPad balancing on a wooden rack that should have been full of camper-sized lifejackets; lifejackets that will remain unused until 2021.

From the moment our family arrived at Vega a few days ago, I have been overwhelmed with longing to be with all of you. I was not prepared for the flood of tears that came as I walked down the hill, trying my best to capture some initial footage to share with Tamary 2020. The empty bunks have always been so temporary and hopeful. Now, they’re just so empty.

Over the hours and days since our arrival, I have learned to live with my longing by taking strength in the outpouring of love and support from all of you, and which I have humbly been trying to return.

A camp mom reached out to me a few nights ago and we exchanged texts about the longing for normalcy that we and our kids feel. Amidst my longing, I have found some comfort in re-reading my reply to her, and hope you do as well:

I have to remind myself that it is important to reminisce and talk about memories and hopes and disappointments. It’s just as important to live in the moment and not take for granted this weird, but memorable time with our families.

Love you!! We will all be stronger because of this in 2021, and more ready than ever for the most incredibly special summer.

May we all appreciate our many blessings as we learn to live with our longing. We will be in touch soon with Vega 2020/2021 families and staff with some initial plans to stay connected now and and in the future.

Thank you!

Love, Emily