Summer 2020 Final Sunset Circle & Weekly Recap #7

Dear Vega,

The end of a summer at Vega is filled with traditions we carry on in order to memorialize and celebrate our summer together.  It is a time for community, reflection, and nostalgia as we prepare to say farewell to our summer family. As we approach what should have been the last day of camp in 2020, there is still much to reflect upon, but instead of yearning to hold on to our Vega family just a little bit longer, we are most eager to move on to 2021.

Amidst our surreal reality of  Camp Vega 2020, we have found comfort in keeping alive many camp traditions, and hope you have as well.  Traditions help us feel closer to each other, rekindle our Vega bonds of friendship although we have been far apart, and provide a platform to express our love and longing for a summer with our Vega family.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to and joined in our Virtual Calendar events! There is one last round of raffle winners and other end of season updates, so listen to Kyle’s Final Morning Announcements of 2020 to find out more.

There is so much to say about this moment, and we did our best to say it in our Final Sunset Circle 2020, a tradition engrained in the Vega experience.  This video is dedicated to every single one of you.  We cannot thank all of you enough for your friendship, love and sacrifice.

Counting the days until we can be together again.  Until then, stay safe and remember to keep all of life’s challenges in perspective, live by the Vega values, and make someone else smile everyday.

With love,

Kyle, Emily and Linda