Summer 2020 Weekly Recap #2

Gooooooooood Morning Camp Vega!  Listen to Kyle’s Monday Morning Announcements…the Podcast!

Mia, Liz and CJ Pruzinsky

It was a busy week for Vega (relatively speaking of course), with Age Group and Department Zooms, 50 Mile Club sign-ups and of course, the 4th of July!

We received lots of photos of the 2020 Vega Family celebrating near and far.  We did our best at camp to keep up Vega’s cherished 4th of July traditions, like decorating the dining hall and chocolate chip pancakes, flag raising and of course, egg toss.

This week we’re looking forward to Monday Mail, Bunkle Jeopardy, Junior Cooking with Kelly, Vega Map Challenge, and everyone’s favorite, Lazy Sunday Breakfast!

We miss you all very, very much! Stay safe and see you next week!!!


2020 Vega campers and staff – click here for to access the virtual calendar