Summer Camp Staff Orientation

On Friday morning the air at Vega was filled with excitement as the moment we were all waiting for had finally arrived: the official beginning of Staff Orientation 2015! Nearly all the staff had arrived and the start of camp was only a week away. All the pre-cam

p staff had worked incredibly hard to get the grounds and facilities perfect, and now everyone could focus on the fun of Orientation.

In the morning we met in the Lodge, and Kyle and Emily to welcomed everyone to their summer home. We met and reconnected with on another and spoke about Vega’s staff mission: to work together as positive leaders, to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment for every member of the Vega family. After the presentation all the staff went to their departments to learn more about them and get some practice.

Lunchtime was awesome as it was the first Lawn Lunch of the year! All the staff was gathered together in the Vega’s natural environment with the beautiful view of the Camp and Echo Lake. What they didn’t know was that a few minutes after lunch they would experience the Orientation Olympic Breakout! The White and Green teams were so happy and having the greatest time.

To end the day perfectly, all the staff went to Sunset Circle. We all sang and talked about Vega traditions, which was followed by s’mores at Outdoor Adventure. The 2015 Vega Staff has already shown themselves to be a warm, fun and hard working group. We can hardly wait for what the summer will bring!