Sunny Saturday Highlights

Dear Vegans,

This morning’s weather gave us a full day’s activities, despite an earlier overcast sky.  A full day of activities offered busy tennis courts, basketball and field sports, and even terrain sports such as mountain biking and raft building down at the waterfront.

The Olympic guest, Mary Ellen Clark, stayed a day longer, having confessed that the kids won her heart and she “could not leave”.  Mary Ellen stated, “I just have to stay for one more day, and I cannot express enough the dedication and intent of Kyle, Emily and your key staff who are passionate with their intent to make these kids’ summer the best of their lives.”  Mary further stated, “I can see Tamary, makes a positive impact on the Vega campers here.”  “Did I tell you how incredibly beautiful this place is and how incredibly awesome everyone is?”  This was an ongoing inside joke as Mary Ellen repeated this line to the point that we would kid her, saying, “No, we did not get that”.  Her laughter could be heard across Echo Lake.

As our divers and others interested in diving gathered for instruction, there was one young camper, Jordyn, who dove off of the low dock level very nicely.  When Mary Ellen said, “Okay, Jordyn, you are next on the board” and Jordyn said, “No, I can’t, I don’t think I can do it”. Mary Ellen looked warmly and focused into her eyes and said, “Of course you can, we just saw you do it”.  Well, Jordyn got up and did a higher board dive. When her 8 year old body climbed out of the water, she sputtered out the words, “Can I go again?” Now that is a champion moment!

I feel deeply gratified and humble to be in an environment where young girls and young women have powerful moments in their developmental stages of their lives here at Vega.  Emily, Kyle and I agree that each year, children here are living their own Hero’s Journey, away from the distractions of today’s contemporary world.

Thank you Vega families for your love and understanding and trust to have your daughter be a part of the Vega summer ’13.

Warmth and Love,