Tamary 1982 Reunion

Dear Vegans,

There are so many wonderful things that girls take away from their summers at Vega – they learn new skills, grow in self and social confidence, gain a sense of community and belonging, learn respect for tradition and each other, feel the joy of being surrounded by natural beauty, and much more.

Perhaps the most important thing that Vega girls (and counselors) get out of their summers on Echo Lake is life-long friendships.  We hear time and again from grown Vega campers how their Vega friendships are stable and long-lasting.  A true testament to Vega relationships was a reunion held this past weekend from members of Tamary 1982!

As Susan Baren-Pearson, Tamary ’82 (and current Vega mom) wrote to us, “Some girls go to Vega…T’82 – 30 years after. There were 13 (out of our 21) who reunited, coming from CA, CO, TX, FL, MD, PA, NJ and NY. Seven of us have/had daughters or nieces attending Vega. A few others have girls at other ME camps – testament to the ‘ME Camp Experience’.”

Thank you also to Ilona Marsh, Tamary ’82 (and Tamary ’13 mom) for sending us these great pictures.  It is an unforgettable moment watching Vega campers meet new friends and embrace old friends when they arrive at camp each summer, and it is moving to realize that those same friends, though so young now, may be an important part of each others lives 10, 20, or 30 years from now.   The power of camp is timeless.

Thank you Vega campers, parents, friends and staff – past, present and future – for making Vega the magical summer home it is to all of us.


Kyle and Emily

Tamary 1982

Tamary 1982, circa 2013
Left to right back row: Susan Baren-Pearson, Jill Golden Tarnow, Ilona Marsh, Cathi Cozen Snyder, Samara Koffler, Jennifer Goldsmith Adams, Stacey Hackel Campbell
Left to right front: Laurie Salzman Gersten, Susan Blackman Tilson, Cheryl Greenblatt Eaton, Tracey Silberman Schwartz, Jill Leanse, Liz Kraus