The Camp Vega Foundation

Over the past ten years, we have received inquiries from camper alumni, staff alumni and their families, asking if they could donate money to a scholarship or campership fund.  These people wanted to help a stranger experience something that they know can improve their lives, and their families’ lives.  Some of these donation inquiries were in memory of a family member who spent their summers at Vega.  We did not have a means for them to donate, yet we also wanted to help others and understood something should be done.

Eventually we connected with several alumni and decided to get a new ball rolling in 2017.  After about a year or so, in the Spring of 2018, our efforts facilitated the creation of the Camp Vega Foundation (CVF).  The CVF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to families to become part of the camp experience.  The CVF board of directors consists mainly of alumni who are passionate about helping families afford formative summer camp experiences for their daughters.  They have been diligently working on creating and giving so much to this philanthropic organization.  The CVF website was created to help the world understand how they hope to achieve their mission of providing girls experiences to help them discover their strengths every summer.

The CVF mission goes further, offering guidance and support to those applicants throughout their school years in the non-summer months.  They partner with families on an ongoing basis to offer guidance with their daughter’s academic, extra-curricular, and (eventually) professional achievements.  Their goal is to provide guidance and positive experiences to as many applicants as possible.  As most of you know, summer camp provides so many benefits.  The social and emotional growth gained each summer as a camper at Vega is remarkable.  The skills learned and friends made enhance the foundation of every child’s character and they echo the desire of Vega to make the world a better place.  

If you have any questions about the CVF, or you would like to donate any amount to pay tribute to someone, celebrate a milestone, or in memory of a loved one, or just to get involved, reach out here or on Facebook as they would be happy to hear from you!