The Top 5 Things We Miss Most

 “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. While perhaps a bit cliché, the sentiment rings true as we enter into the colder months and reflect on our times on Echo Lake. What is it though that keeps us both looking back at the great times we all had and even better ones ahead? It’s in this reflection that we devised a list: The Top 5 Things We Miss Most.

Not having to think about what to wear – The freedom of waking up each morning and throwing on the closest green and white allows us to spend more time connecting with friends each day.  Uniform at summer camp is so easy!  Not caring about who, what or how we wear the day’s attire frees time and energy for truer connections.

The Kitchen/ Dining Hall and NOT doing dishes – With the wide array of food selection, meal time is always a welcome one. Whether you’re craving a sandwich, pasta, salad, the hot entrée or all of the above, you can bet the kitchen staff will have it freshly prepared and deliciously waiting. After a quick self-bus of our plates, our bodies are healthfully fueled for to the next activity or event.

Echo Lake! – Does this really need an explanation?! With almost two miles of Vega shoreline (out of the entire 14.5 miles), the possibilities for waterfront adventures are endless. Kayaking with friends, cabin canoe trips, swimming in the clean, refreshing water, waterskiing on the incredible boats… or simply skipping rocks and watching them glide across the calm, majestic surface, Echo Lake is truly incredible.

The People – We miss all of you!  It’s an understatement to say “it’s the people that make the place” at Camp Vega. It’s the fact that everyone’s default is to simply say “hi” to each person we meet. We may not really know them. In fact, they may be on the opposite Olympic team as we head into competition. But no matter, kindness, sportsmanship and empathy are priority above all.

img_6405-copySights, Sounds and Smells – From the sound of crackling campfires to Counselors and Bunkles expertly cooking dinner over an open fire, our senses play a large part in taking part of being outdoors. The smell of fresh cut grass in preparation of Apahce Relay to the sound of gravel crunching beneath our feet as we head to the Lodge for an evening performance; these are the little things that create a fully immersed experience that only summer camp can provide.

It seems very appropriate, as part of this reflection, that we are approaching Thanksgiving. Because while the feeling of “camp-missing” is initially presented, it’s only because we appreciate what we have that we are able to look back on it with such fondness. It’s also in the reflection that we commit to taking an intentional approach to appreciate more of the little things as we move into 2018.

We are so thankful for each and every one of you for being a part of our community and family and wishing you all the best in the months to come!

This top 5 list of things we miss most was complied by Kyle, Emily and Anthony.  Please comment if there is something from Vega that you miss most!