Turning the Old Staff Room into a New Space for Campers


Trusses going up on the new staff room and storage building

It is hard to believe that summer is just over four months away, and it can’t come soon enough!  Construction for the new staff room and storage area is well underway, even in the middle of winter (as seen here).  We have had fun planning some of the details of the staff room, such as the location of furniture and lockers, and whether to put in ping pong or foosball..or both!  Here is a picture of the roof trusses being put in place last week.

Also, since the staff room is being moved, the old staff room is now prime available space in the middle of camp that we are going use for campers!  We have been brainstorming ideas with the help of Tamary ’14.  We have some great ideas – turning it into a space for Spin classes being one of the leading ones – and we would love to hear what you think we should do.  Send us your thoughts!

Have a Happy President’s Day, and for most of you out there – enjoy the snow!

Kyle and Emily