An Unforgettable Summer – 2012

Dear Vega 2012,

We can hardly believe how quickly the 2012 summer flew by.   Linda agrees with us that this was a truly special season with incredible campers, a hardworking and loving staff, and a Tamary that was, and will always be, Young and Crazy.  We feel so appreciative and lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of this magical place called Vega.  This magic comes not only from Vega’s beautiful surroundings, but more so from the people who live, love, laugh, and grow here.  Thank you to everyone for sharing your days and your love with us.   We leave camp this summer better because of you.

We know that 2012 was such a successful summer because of our wonderful staff.  The department heads ran their departments like the pros they are.  All the intercamps and shows were amazing.  The group leaders made sure that the campers and staff were all happy in the bunks – our homes for the summer.  Our program and office staff made it possible for camp to run smoothly.  The health center staff ensured we stayed healthy during the summer.  The kitchen staff worked tirelessly to feed us all every day.  The housekeeping, laundry and maintenance staff kept our camp beautiful, safe and clean.  Thank you to everyone for dedicating your lives this summer to Vega and for always putting your girls’ needs before your own.  We know that you leave Vega a stronger person and a better friend because of the work you did here this summer.  We cannot thank you enough.

Camp would not be camp without the campers.  Camp is for you – camp IS you.  Everyone who passed through the Vega gates this summer commented on the happiness and fun they felt everywhere at Vega.  We felt it every day and know that it all comes from the campers.  Your energy and enthusiasm makes Vega what it is.  Tamary – your leadership, sisterhood, and love for Vega is inspiring.  You have left your mark on Vega forever.

Achievements are one of the most important factors in camp and in life.  Overcoming every challenge should be recognized as an achievement, which can be found everywhere at Vega from the fields, to the waterfront, to the studios, and especially with your friends.  Through the challenges you have overcome and the friendships you have formed and strengthened over the past 7 weeks, we know that you have truly achieved greatness this summer.

Thank you for everything and we wish you a great rest of the year!


Kyle and Emily