Vega 2013

Dear Vegans,

Tamary Final Candlelight Ceremony

The 2013 summer has come and gone!  It was filled with accomplishments and adventures.  All of you were such great allies and friends to each other, your counselors and your campers.  We hope as you walk through your days at home, your experiences at Vega will help keep your heads held high.

Tamary, we will never get enough!  Your positive spirit was always evident (even after some late nights)!  You have raised the standard for future Tamary’s, and we hope you enjoyed leading the camp as much as we enjoyed watching you do it.  You chose to make this summer the most spectacular for yourselves, and for all of Vega.  We are so proud of you and will miss you so much.  Remember: “Never fear!  The end of something marks the start of something new.”

We are the luckiest camp directors to be surrounded by such warm, hard working, and fun staff.  From the Group Leaders to the Department Heads, from the Kitchen staff to Maintenance, from the Bunk counselors to the Lovejoy staff….each and every one of you dedicated your hearts and souls to Vega this summer, and we are eternally grateful.  You fed us, washed our clothes, scrubbed our toilets, taught our campers new skills, and tucked the girls in at night.  Every person here played a crucial role in the success of the summer.  Thank you for keeping us and the campers happy and healthy.

Vega campers leave the gates each summer richer than they came.  At Vega we learn that material things are not what bring us happiness, rather it’s the friends we have by our side, and the knowledge we carry within us.  Each of you now has a unique bond having completed summers at Vega.  This will go with you as a gift throughout your life.  Thank you for spending the past 7 weeks with us in this beautiful place.  We already miss summer 2013.  The stars were certainly aligned….

Much love,

Kyle and Emily

P.S. It’s a boy!