Vega 2019 was Legendary


Now that all of the campers and many of the staff are safely at home, we can take a deep breath and begin to reflect.  Our hearts are bursting with pride and gratitude, our eyes still teary from saying “see you later” to so many people we love, and our ears still ringing with the laughter and sounds of a successful summer season.

Thank you to the families of the 2019 Vega campers and staff, who let go of their loved ones and shared them with us for seven weeks or more. We are humbled by the magnitude of your trust, love and support.  

There are so many people here that we need to thank, and in an effort to do so we are sharing our Directors’ Message from the 2019 Echo Stardust (yearbook):

Dear Vega 2019,

It is hard to accept that the time has come for us to write this farewell note. It seems such a short time ago that we sat on the Dining Hall deck getting to know the Leadership Team, welcomed campers through the Vega gates, had our Olympic Break beach party on the soccer field, and sat together to watch the 4th of July Fireworks.

For three months we get to live in this extraordinary world where the most important things are right in front of us, or at the very most, a short walk away. We get to experience all the joy, wonder, beauty, love and responsibility that comes from being summer parents to 300 incredible girls and 200 incredible staff. Without all of you, Vega 2019, none of this would be possible and we cannot thank you enough.

To the Administration: Thank you for the early mornings, late nights and everything in between! Your persistent organization, creativity, energy, humor, honesty and love helps everyone at camp, especially us. You keep us accountable, provide endless support, and have dedicated your summer and your lives to Vega. We value your friendship more than you know.

To the Leadership Team: The word of the summer that we have chosen for you is “Leaders” (obvious yet inspirational!). Thank you for being leaders and role models in every way – work ethic, immersing yourselves in Vega, maintaining camp traditions, engaging with campers, open communication, navigating conflict, balancing fun and safety, thinking on your feet, and perhaps most importantly, putting the needs of others before your own. You worked together to create a seamless support system for us, your staff, your campers and their families.

To the Medical Team: The health center was named Lovejoy after a nearby pond, and its name has never before been so appropriate. Each of you cared for our campers and staff with love, and joyfully navigated the daunting challenge of merging the worlds of medicine and camp. Whether in the health center or the dining hall, helping campers, parents, or staff, you did what we all needed each and every day to keep us all healthy and safe.

To the Maintenance, Housekeeping, Laundry and Kitchen Staff: If Vega is an engine, you are the fuel. We could not operate, or even turn on, without you. You work tirelessly and we hope that you feel the gratitude we all have for your hard work, positivity and dedication.

To the Nannies and Campers in Training: We are always so close and yet so far away. Thank you for keeping our babies safe and happy, so that we can all be here together.

To the Office and Media Teams: You somehow take this enormous and indescribable thing called camp, and communicate it beautifully and efficiently to the outside world. On the phone, in the office and through pictures and videos, you are often the first introduction parents, campers and staff members have to Vega. Thank you for seeing the beauty in the little things and keeping us all on track.

To the Bunk Counselors, Bunkles and Baunts: You had the courage, skills and grit to immerse yourselves into an epic adventure on a daily basis. The amount of care that you have shown for your girls and co-counselors is inspiring. We often say that you have the hardest jobs at Vega and that’s true. You also get to reap the greatest rewards: you have made lasting memories and developed close relationships because you were always there. On behalf of the campers and their families, thank you for always being there.

To the Campers: We are so incredibly proud of each and every one you!!!!! We will miss your smiles, hugs, chats, questions, bravery, silliness, and watching you grow before our eyes. This summer was special because of you. Thank you for choosing to be a part of Vega, and know that you will always be supported in every good endeavor.

To Tamary: People ask us what the hardest part of our job is and you have made that answer easier than ever: saying goodbye. Remember that change is the only constant and it is how you choose to face those changes that really makes you who are. You made this summer Legendary by embracing everything Vega has to offer. We hope you continue to share your love for Vega by being true to yourselves and using everything you learned as a camper to make the world a better place.

Vega 2019: As you return to the real world, remember to draw on the strength you have gained and the friendships you have formed. Vega will always be your summer home and you will forever have our enduring love and support.

We love each and every one of you, just the way you are,
Kyle and Emily