Vega Memory Books

Dear Vegans,

Over the past few years, parents have asked for us to provide a photo book to keep pictures in from the summer.  Camp Vega is excited to let you know Evergreen Albums has designed one for Camp Vega!  In case you are wondering, this is not replacing the Echo Stardust.

Basic RGBIt is the simple solution to preserving your child’s camp memories.  The Memory Book is beautifully designed, easy to use, and will last for years to come and highlights an individual camper’s experience as well as the traditions and beautiful scenery of Camp Vega.  Check out the handy back pocket that holds letters, postcards, the camp DVD and extra photos.  The Memory Books are ordered through Evergreen Albums and can either be delivered during camp for your child to start filling out or can be mailed home.

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***Orders must be received by May 1st , for guaranteed delivery at Camp.***

We hope you enjoy!

Kyle & Emily